Yves Eonnet

CEO & Co-founder, TagPay

Yves Eonnet is CEO & Co-founder of TagPay, a fintech that developed a Digital Banking System. He has been passionate about banking innovation for over 25 years.
Yves worked for 15 years as Head of Innovation at Gemalto on the adoption and the deployment of smartcard technology (Visa and Mastercard). Yves regularly gives keynote speeches worldwide, including at Money 20/20 USA (2018), Paris Fintech Forum (2019) and Afro-Asia Banking (2019). He also wrote Fintech: The Banks Strike Back, explaining how digital banks will soon reinvent banking.

About TagPay
TagPay offers a Digital Banking System (DBS), hosted in the Cloud and Mobile-Centric, which enables to create Digital Banks and Neo-Banks all around the world. The DBS by TagPay is as an alternative to Banks and Financial Institutions Legacy Core Banking Systems. With its open and modular architecture, TagPay allows its customers to innovate and create digital financial offers to end-users. TagPay was founded by Yves Eonnet and Hervé Manceron in 2005. It sets up its first mobile money platform in Namibia in 2010. Since then, both Société Générale and La Banque Postale chose TagPay to deploy a new type of bank. The TagPay DBS is used by over 25 companies.
TagPay is headquartered in Paris