Tony Lee

CEO & President, Saltlux

Tony Lee is the president and CEO of Saltlux, Inc., the artificial intelligence and big data analytics company, headquartered in Seoul, Korea. He received B.S. and M.S. in ICT Engineering from Inha University of Korea. He holds a specially appointed professor in Hanyang University and held an adjunct professor's position in Inha University, teaching computer science and information technology. He was a member of the Fourth Industrial Revolution Committee under the President of Korea. He is a chairman of the 'Artificial Intelligence Industrial Association', and a vicechairman of the 'Intelligence and Information Forum' and ‘Society for Computer Intelligence’. Tony is one of the few pioneers in the field of Artificial Intelligence in Asia, contributing to Korean Government’s R&D plan for AI technology and to the industrial dissemination. He was honored with ‘Best Paper Prize’ from Samsung, ‘Best Software Award’ from Korean Government and the president of Korea, and the ‘Order of Industrial Service Merit’ from Korean Government. Tony is also a member of the ISO/TC37 committee and the several EU FP7 projects. He has authored more than 60 papers, articles, and reports so far.