Silver Lodi

CEO & Co-founder, Spaceit

Silver Lodi, CEO and Co-Founder of Spaceit. Before founding Spaceit in 2015, Silver worked 13 years in banking, mostly in corporate banking area in Swedbank and SEB. In addition, Silver has headed sales department in Estonian production companies and is one of the founders a wooden house producer Profab Houses, in which he serves as an Executive Board Member today. 
Founded in 2015, Spaceit is a space tech company providing satellite operations in cloud. The company is specialised in offering Mission Control as a Service. The service includes a set of tools and activities to control and monitor satellites. By using Spaceit’s solution, space missions benefit from a wider radio coverage with their satellites, higher reliability for lower costs. At the same time, ground station networks have an open marketplace which grants them an access to a customer base, allows efficient utilization of resources and helps the ground stations to monetize their operations. The first satellite mission supported by Spaceit will launch in June 2019. Today, the company is in process of integrating with different ground station networks and supporting new satellite missions worldwide.