Sebastien Denis

Director Business Manager, CGI Luxembourg

Sébastien has more than 18 years’ of experience in the retail and IT business sector in an international environment. As a tenacious and involved start-up founder in the soul, he has grown several companies from their creation or restructuring to their business development and commercial success. 

He is a strong strategist with financial skills, guaranteeing the profitability of the business unit.

Sébastien is a true specialist in the business account management. He manages and monitors the day-to-day relationship with a client portfolio for their satisfaction. As P&L responsible, he acts as an advisor to help the client with their choices and is able to anticipate the needs and strategic orientation thanks to his deep understanding of the account and environment.

Energetic and leader by nature, he has acquired broad leadership experience, which allows him to manage and federate a team of consultants on his clients’ site. 

The science fiction, the functioning of our universe, including space, has always fascinated him. As a Space Dreamer, he wants now to help CGI to support and develop solutions from the Space to exploit information better and to benefit the entire population.