Pierre Van Wambeke

Chief Executive Officer, SeeZam

Pierre Van Wambeke, Engineer, has been devoted to companies expecting high availability and quality IT services. He has a deep experience in project management, gained previously with PwC (5 years). As a former HealthCare Chief Information Officer, he managed the merger and physical migration of 3 hospitals’IT towards a modern hospital opened in 2003. The interest of stakeholders (personnel, customers, partners and suppliers) was taken into account every step of the way. Thanks to a MBA, Pierre continued his career and took a new challenge with the position of Account Director in CHAMP Cargosystems, an IT company delivering services to the air-freight industry. He was assuming full responsibility for all IT services delivered to an airline (Cargolux), budget, profit & loss, operations and deliveries. In 2009, Pierre decided to dedicate his time to SeeZam.com to battle as an entrepreneur. SeeZam, the hyper-secure eVault of Luxembourg, is a growing company, unique on the market, delivering services of protection of sensitive data to the biggest company names.

Since 2011, Pierre is the Managing Director of Innovative Software producing the EDIfly Message Broker (www.edifly.com). The company enables the Aviation and Logistics Industry to standardize and secure electronic data interchanges for a wide range of protocols, used internally and externally. The Luxembourgish company delivers services to the well known names of the aviation.

Pierre likes challenges and one of his strengths is having visions come true.