Omar Qaise


Mr Omar Qaise is the founder and CEO of OQ TECHNOLOGY, a NewSpace Startup in Luxembourg which is aiming to disrupt the satellite telecommunication world. OQ TECHNOLOGY is building a global satellite constellation dedicated for "Internet-of-Things" communication that can provide connectivity anywhere, especially in remote and rural areas. The innovative satellite IoT concept was originally developed by him.  Mr Qaise brings tremendous experience and heritage to his venture as he worked many years in different organizations and enterprises in the satellite and telecommunication industry (European Space Agency (ESA), German Aerospace Centre (DLR), O3b, OHB SYSTEMS, EUMETSAT) by working on missions ranging from Low-Earth Orbit observation and telecommunication satellites and GEO giant satellites to far deep space missions such as the spacecrafts Herschel and Planck. Most recently was with SES Satellites, the world’s largest GEO broadcast satellite operator, where he had responsibility for Satcom sales and business development in regions such as the Middle East and Africa especially in M2M and Oil and Gas. He became fascinated with the possibilities of the IoT technology as a low cost product filling a market gap. Mr Qaise brings extensive customer connections and knowledge of competing Satcom systems, as well as being the chief architecture of the concept.