Matthias Kroner

Thought leader, a multi-award winning inspirational keynote speaker and blogger

Matthias, a visionary thinker and entrepreneur operating in the financial services, offers compelling insights into financial services corporate strategies, innovation-leadership, M&A experience and industry transformation.
In conjunction with his former executive board appointments and involvement in innovation, technology and human resources, Matthias uniquely combines the regulatory perspective of a Bank´s CEO with the value-creation and disruption by a FinTech-Entrepreneur. Kicking off Fidor project in 2007, Fidor quickly became a pioneer of global fintech development, often called as the “oldest Fintech Bank of the World.”

He focuses on how financial services businesses can most effectively engage with their customers via new age business- and service-models. Furthermore, Matthias shares his unique experience regarding the collaboration of FinTech companies with incumbent organizations.

For the past 25 years, as Founder and CEO of Fidor Bank and prior of DAB Bank, Matthias has built an international reputation as a prime mover and co-creator of the FinTech segment, after initially starting his career in the hospitality business. 

He is recognized as a thought leader, a multi-award winning inspirational keynote speaker and blogger ( He is also a successful incubator and investor for several highly innovative start-up companies via his company “Professional Development GmbH”.