Karl A. Johannesson

Strategic Advisor EU Markets, DeepBlue Technology

Crypto & Finance – Business Strategy – Partnerships - InvestmentsBlockchain Innovation - M&A deals - Executive Coaching - Lobbying 

Karl A. Johannesson (KJ) has 25 years of international experience as board member, investor, start-up founder, CEO, M&A expert, business developer, lobbyist, management consultant and adviser to multinational tech corporations, SMEs, finance institutions, European Commission, growth businesses and start-ups across several industries in US, Europe, Asia, Russia and Central Asia.  

Added Value Assets & Know-How

o Fundraising: Venture Capital sources & HNW Individuals.

o Global Business Network: CXO level Network across 25 country markets.

o Rainmaker: Business Development at the Nexus of Digitalisations-FinTech-Blockchain-Crypto

o Strategic Insights: Tech- FinTech & Crypto Markets. o Excellent Lobbyist: impact driven lobbying aimed at gov/regulators/private business.

o Brand Building: Strategies & Innovation Ambassador (Promotion & Networking).

o Transformation Expert:  Crisis Management, Start-up, Expansion & Growth.

o Creative Problem Solving & Innovation:  Proprietary system approach.