Dr. Robin Kiera

Speaker, Thought Leader, Influencer - Digitalscouting.de

Dr. Robin Kiera (Hamburg, Germany) is one of the most known thought leaders and influencers mostly recognized in some rankings in Insurtech and Fintech industries. Over the last decade, he was leading reorganizations, transformation projects at multinational corporations and helped to scale numerous startups. 
He founded Digitalscouting.de, a content platform and one of the hottest consulting companies in finance and insurance. Digitalscouting supports banks and insurers in transforming their businesses in data-driven tech companies and helps to communicate this journey. 
He is an established speaker and regularly recognized as one of the frequently appointed members of the advisory committees of conferences. He also serves as a sparring partner for corporate conferences and start-up mentor for digital strategy and execution. 
Aside from speaking, Digitalscouting.de support conferences / events around the world thru media partnerships using attention hacking campaign strategies. 
For Speaking and Media Partnerships just send them a message at https:// bit.ly/2GisNxu