Bulent Altan

Managing director, Mynaric

Bulent Altan  is a New Space veteran and managing director of Mynaric’s space activities. Mynaric produces the optical fiber for the skies and enables as a pioneer of laser communication extremely fast and secure wireless data transmission between aircraft, drones and satellites. Mynaric's products are used by world leading corporations to establish an internet above the clouds intended to bring connectivity to the remaining 3 billion unconnected people of the planet.

Bulent began his career as one of the first employees at the then newly-established SpaceX in 2004, having graduated from Stanford University and following completion of his studies at the Technical University of Munich. At SpaceX, he was essential in growing the company’s avionics department from seven people to over 200 and was as Vice-President responsible for the avionics of the Flacon rockets as well as the Dragon capsule. In his latest role for the company Bulent was Vice-President of Satellite Mission assurance for SpaceX’s Starlink satellite mega-constellation.

Bulent left SpaceX from 2014 to 2016 to co-found the start-up ecosystem and aerospace industry in Europe, during which period he held positions as a partner and mentor at the Munich area industrial start-up accelerator TechFounders and take on the role of Head of Digital Transformation and Innovation at Airbus Defence and Space.

He is co-founder and partner of the venture capital firm Global Space Ventures that invests exclusively in space related businesses and joined Mynaric in early 2019 to drive adoption of laser communication technology in the satellite industry.