Alexandre Mencik

Director and Board member, Space Tech Angels Association

Currently Alexandre serves as Director and as Board member of the Space Tech Angels Association in Luxembourg, as Policy Assistant for the Access Space alliance and as Board member of the French Astronomy Association. He also serves as Mentor and invests in startups both personally as an angel investor and through ventures.

Alexandre is a former Executive Director of a Fortune 200 company, with responsibility for policy, legal and financing aspects in 30 countries. He was on the Regional Board and represented his company before several global and regional trade associations. He led successful advocacy efforts for the adoption of science-based policies. Previously, Alexandre represented clients involved in the aerospace sector and regulated industries. He orchestrated the establishment of industry-led consortium arrangements including Sea Launch and Digital Video Broadcasting, managed a trade association at EU level and produced a guide for startup companies.
Alexandre served in the European Commission, where he successfully negotiated the first EU Directive for the liberalization of air transport and participated in high level negotiations.

Alexandre Mencik has a background in Spacecraft Techniques and Technologies from the CNES in France and in Space Resources, received his Juris Doctorate from the University of Louvain in Belgium and holds a Master's degree in Air and Space Law from McGill University in Canada, with a secondment in business at Yale in the US.