Ahmed Shabana

Managing Partner, Parkpine Capital

Ahmed Shabana is the current Managing Partner of Parkpine Capital, the U.S.-based venture capital firm he formed with partner Billy Zane, best known in Hollywood for the movies Titanic and The Phantom. Parkpine Capital is a $150M fund based in Los Angeles with offices in Menlo Park and Mexico City. The fund invests in seed and series A tech startups that can scale beyond borders. 

From this thesis, Parkpine Capital holds the Global Ventures Summit with over $30B in assets under management from Silicon Valley funds in over 20 cities including Los Angeles, Bali, Dubai, Mexico City and Luxembourg in November 2019. 

Ahmed is recognized as a high impact entrepreneur by the Wall Street Journal and The Financial Times for founding in 2006 Africa’s first eCommerce portal and online pharmacy, Agzakhana.com, generating millions in annual sales while overcoming the economic and commercialization obstacles of the region. Moreover, Ahmed was able to raise capital from Vodafone Ventures and help fundraise for a number of Healthcare, BigData, and SaaS startups of over $800M in combined valuation. 

Ahmed holds an MBA from the University of Southern California and BSc in Pharmacy.