Aaron Turner

CEO & Founder, HotShot

Aaron is an experienced technology entrepreneur, beginning with his startup-driven mentality while founding security teams within Microsoft. He was invited by the US government to build a new generation of security technologies for critical infrastructure, as a result of his track-record as a successful independent entrepreneur in the fast-paced mobile and IoT security technology industries. Before founding Hotshot, Aaron sold his Terreo technology startup to Verifone in 2015 and served as VP of Security Product R&D at Verifone until February 2017. His current venture, HotShot, provides a mobile security app designed to help organizations worldwide comply with GDPR, with a zero-trust solution that address privacy, security, regulatory and legal concerns with one easy-to-use solution. Hotshot also helps to protect employers from inadvertent violations of off-the-clock wage liability, right to disconnect and right to be forgotten laws.