AI/Digital Summit

  • AI - the Game Changer

  • 09:05

    Introduction speech

    Jonathan Prince

    Co-founder, Finologee
  • 09:20

    Digital Innovation - How Luxembourg exports DIGITAL by staying innovative!

    Michael Mossal

    Member of Innovation & Technology Community CTO, NTT ltd. Europe
  • 9:35

    Cognitive Automation – bots liberating employees and reimagining jobs

    Vitalie Schiopu

    AI Architect and Product Manager, Accenture
  • 9:50

    AI benefits & lessons from the Covid-19 crisis

    Candi Carrera

    Country Manager, Microsoft Luxembourg
  • 10:05

    Exploring the evolution of AI through Gaming

    Liv Boeree

    Speaker, Astrophysicist, Philanthropist & Poker Champion
  • 10:25

    Managing the AI process: putting humans (back) in the loop

    Dr. Balázs Kégl

    Balázs Kégl, Head of AI research, Huawei France
  • 10:40

    The economics of Artificial Intelligence

    Massimo Moggi

    President & CEO, WESTPOLE, Professional Affiliate Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna di Pisa
  • 10:55


  • 11:00

    Introduction of Ministry's talk

    Carlo Thelen

    Director General, Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce
  • 11:10

    Ministry's talk

    Xavier Bettel

    Luxembourg Prime Minister
  • 11:30

    AI at the Center of Digitalization - Managing robots, algorithms, AI – and people

    Peter Sondergaard

    Founder & Executive Advisor, The Sondergaard Group, LLC
  • 12:00

    Lunch Break

  • Leveraging human potential with tech

    Valérie Arnold

    Partner, CR & Sustainability Leader, PwC Luxembourg
  • 14:00

    "HumanX: How tech convergence is creating a new value equation for business"

    Scott Likens

    PwC Emerging Technology Leader

    Anna Vassileva

    Director, Digital Transformation, PwC Luxembourg
  • 14:10

    Change Management in a digital transformation : Don't miss out on ...

    Roger Krämer

    Head of Business Innovation Office, Spuerkeess
  • 14:25

    Understanding Image and Language with Deep Learning for E-Commerce

    Laurent Ach

    European Director, Rakuten Institute of Technology
  • 14:40

    Towards a Digital & Resilient Society

    Thomas Kallstenius

  • 14:55

    AI, Robots, and Ethics: A Guide for Impact

    Priscila Chaves

    Tech Ethicist & Impact Entrepreneur
  • 15:05

    Round Table - How digital technology can unlock human potential according to CEOs?

    Patrice Witz

    Technology and Digital Leader, PwC Luxembourg

    Mirjam Bamberger

    CEO, AXA Luxembourg & CEO, AXA Wealth Europe

    Robert Scharfe

    CEO, Luxembourg Stock Exchange

    Claude Marx

    Director General, Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (CSSF)
  • 15:30


  • 15:35

    Innovation @J.P Morgan

    Jerome Bouthors

    Executive Director, J.P. Morgan
  • 15:50

    Using AI to address the ethical dimensions of the covid-19 crisis

    Hubert Etienne

    Philosopher, Researcher in Digital & AI ethics
  • 16:05

    MBZUAI: how the UAE is nurturing AI talent through a new approach to academia and research

    Sir Michael Brady

    Interim President, Mohamed bin Zayed University of Artificial Intelligence
  • Beginning of the WOOP event - session in French

  • 16:20

    "La singularité, c'est pour aujourd'hui ou pour demain ?"

    Audrey Pulvar

    French feminist and environmental activist, journalist, author, TV presenter and CEO, AfricanPattern
  • 16:55

    "Coronavirus : la preuve que l’IA magique n’existe pas"

    Lauren Boudard

    Co-founder, Tech Trash

    Dan Geiselhart

    Co-founder, Tech Trash
  • 17:25

    La créativité : ultime chasse gardée de l'homme face à l'IA ?

    Justine Emard

    Visual artist

    Catherine Malabou

    Author, French philosopher, Professor in the Centre for Research in Modern European Philosophy (CRMEP- UK)

    Laurence Devillers

    Professor in Artificial Intelligence - Sorbonne/LIMSI-CNRS
  • 18:30

    Wrap-up of the conference

  • 19:00

    Pitch Your Startup Grand Finale (

FinTech Summit

  • Beyond Covid-19: a world of opportunities for FinTech companies

  • 09:00

    Introduction speech

    Nasir Zubairi

    CEO, LHoFT - The Luxembourg House of Financial Technology
  • 9:10

    State of European fintech financing

    Pauline Brunel

    Venture Capital Investment Manager, BlackFin Tech
  • 9:25

    Open X – the power of open eco systems and strategic partnerships

    Félix Amez

    BeLux Innovation Director, Accenture
  • 09:40

    Overview of the Sweden FinTech ecosystem

    Tom Holgersson

    Director of Innovation, Scale-up and Expansion, Findec Sweden's Fintech hub
  • 09:55

    Round table: most promising FinTechs in Europe

    Don Ginsel

    Founder, Holland FinTech

    Tom Holgersson

    Director of Innovation, Scale-up and Expansion, Findec Sweden's Fintech hub

    Alex Panican

    Head of Partnerships and Ecosystem, LHoFT - the Luxembourg House of Financial Technology

    Francisco Estevan

    CEO and Co-founder of Innsomnia, Founder and Advisor, LocalEurope Consulting and

    Pauline Brunel

    Venture Capital Investment Manager, BlackFin Tech
  • 10:20

    The Promise of Fintech: Financial Inclusion in the Post COVID-19 Era

    Purva Khera

    Economist, IMF’s Monetary and Capital Markets Department
  • 10:40

    Switching from manual to digital. How to better handle KYC/AML processes in 2020?

    Jonathan Prince

    Co-founder, Finologee

    Pascal Bughin

    Chief Operating & Compliance Officer, La Mondiale Europartner
  • 10:55


  • Tokenization & cryptocurrencies

  • 11:00

    Blockchain: Marginalizing the Center and Centralizing the Marginal. The Myth Behind Satoshi

    Carlos Corea Lacayo

    Chief Communications Officer, COMO Global S.A
  • 11:15

    Round table

    Pascal Gauthier

    CEO, Ledger

    Jean-Marie Mognetti

    CEO, CoinShares

    Romain Swertvaeger

    Audit Associate Partner, EY Luxembourg
  • 11:35

    Keynote on the role of the Blockchain Policy Center

    Caroline Malcolm

    Head, Global Blockchain Policy Centre, OECD
  • 11:55

    Round Table on Tokenization & cryptocurrencies

    Bernard Nicolay

    Adjunct Professor, Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management (ULB)

    Nicolas Cantu

    Engineer. Chain Accelerator co-founder.

    Biba Homsy

    President, Luxembourg Blockchain Association

    Romain Swertvaeger

    Audit Associate Partner, EY Luxembourg

    Fabrice Croiseaux

    CEO, InTech S.A
  • 12:20

    Lunch Break

  • Democratization of banking processes

  • 14:00

    Introduction speech

    Frank Roessig

    FinTech Lead - Head Digital Solutions for Finance, Telindus
  • 14:10

    Africa : one continent, different strategies

    Abderrahman EI Andaloussi

    Strategy Deputy Director, Bank Of Africa
  • 14:25

    The banks strike back

    Yves Eonnet

    CEO & Co-founder, TagPay
  • 14:40

    Curiosity is the Fuel of Change

    Sophie Bialaszewski

    Head of People & Capability Transformation, Lloyds Banking Group
  • 14:55

    Fireside chat "Innovation imposes collaboration"

    Jacques Putz


    Sven Siat

    Head Connectivity, SIX

    Mounaim Cortet

    Senior Manager Strategy, INNOPAY
  • 15:10

    Round table on democratizing banking processes

    Nigel Verdon

    CEO & Co-Founder, Railsbank

    Jeremy Light

    VP of EU Strategic Accounts, Ripple

    Matteo Rizzi

    Unconventional entrepreneur, book author, venture partner and co-founder, FinTechStage

    Frank Roessig

    FinTech Lead - Head Digital Solutions for Finance, Telindus
  • 15:30


  • From digital payment to fundtech: redefining finance

  • 15:35

    The European Payments Landscape

    Thibault de Barsy

    Vice-Chairman & General Manager, Emerging Payments Association
  • 15:45

    Fireside chat on re-defining The Payment Experience

    Andréa Toucinho

    Country Ambassador for France of European Women Payments Network (EWPN)

    Stijn van Brussel

    COO, Payconiq International

    Jana Lvova

    Head of Fintech (interim), Visa Europe

    Thibault de Barsy

    Vice-Chairman & General Manager, Emerging Payments Association
  • 16:05

    ICTSpring Digital-ID as FinTech enabler

    Eric Weber

    Project Officer, Ministry for Digitalisation

    Dr. Robert Norvill

    Research Associate, SEDAN group

    Frank Roessig

    FinTech Lead - Head Digital Solutions for Finance, Telindus
  • 16:20

    Fireside Chat on FundTech

    Philipp von Restorff

    Deputy CEO, Luxembourg for Finance

    Andreas Kern

    Founder & CEO, Wikifolio

    Frank Roessig

    FinTech Lead - Head Digital Solutions for Finance, Telindus
  • 16:35

    End of the conference - Official speech

    Pierre Gramegna

    Minister of Finance, Gouvernement du Grand-Duché de Luxembourg

Space Forum

  • Satellite technology - 5G & next level applications

  • 09:15

    Introduction speech

    Olivier Lemaire

    Partner, Technology, Media and Telecommunications, EY Luxembourg
  • 09:30

    Welcome words

    Jean-Jacques Dordain

  • 09:45

    Space for 5G - how does it work ?

    Antonio Franchi

    Head of Future Programmes Acquisition, part of the Telecommunications & Integrated Applications Directorate, European Space Agency
  • 10:00

    Creating new value added services for customers with 5G

    Sebastien Denis

    Director Business Manager, CGI Luxembourg

    Jaime Reed

    Director Consulting Services, CGI
  • 10:15

    Satellite Communications in the 5G Era

    Symeon Chatzinotas

    Professor and Co-Head of the SIGCOM Research Group at SnT, University of Luxembourg
  • 10:30

    Round table on 5G Applications

    H.E. Mr. François Rivasseau

    Ambassador, Permanent Representative of France to the United Nations

    Stephane Anjuere

    5G Venture Lead, Thales Alenia Space

    Gabriel de Maigret

    Telecom Audit Partner, EY Luxembourg
  • 10:55


  • 11:00

    Official speeches

  • 12:00

    Lunch Break

  • Open access to space

  • 14:00

    Introduction speech

  • 14:07

    Space Data’s impact in times of crisis

    John Lusk

    VP & General Manager, Global Data Services, Spire
  • 14:27

    Fireside chat - 1st international Space conference Post Covid.

    Jean-Jacques Dordain


    WU Ji

    Former Director-General and Professor, National Space Science Center (NSSC)
  • 14:47

    Building a Road to Space

    Clay Mowry

    Vice President - Sales, Marketing & Customer Experience, Blue Origin
  • 15:02

    Round table on opening access to space

    Tom Walkinshaw

    Founder and CEO, Alba Orbital

    Jörn Spurmann

    Chief Commercial Officer, Rocket Factory Augsburg AG & Managing Director, RFA Azores and RFA Portugal

    Shufan WU

    Chair Professor, Executive Dean of School of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Shanghai Jiao Tong University

    Jean-Jacques Dordain


    Florent D'Heilly

    VicePresident, Sales, Arianespace
  • 15:30


  • Space applications for Maritime & IoT services

  • 15:35

    Round Table on Maritime

    Simon van den Dries

    CCO Global Data Services, Spire

    Stefano Poli

    VP, Business Development, Inmarsat Maritime

    Thorsten Robrecht

    CEO & Founder, Skyfive
  • 16:00

    Direct-to-satellite IoT - How to get Product/Market Fit

    Fabien Jordan

    Founder & CEO, Astrocast
  • 16:15

    Hiber's global solution for remote monitoring in a post-pandemic era

    Coen Janssen

    Chief Strategy Officer, Hiber
  • 16:30

    Kinéis: Providing IoT everywhere

    Alexandre Tisserant

    CEO, Kineis
  • 16:45

    Wrap up of the conference

  • Cybersecurity

  • 09:30

    Introduction speech

  • 09:30

    About cybersecurity breach

    Joel Scanlan

    Associate Profesor, Department of Maritime Studies, Western Norway University of Applied Sciences (HVL)
  • 09:55

    Space Security and Threats - The Need to Protect

    Paul Wells

    Vice President & Chief Commercial Officer, GovSat
  • 10:10

    Quantum communications: how to transform this opportunity for the space sector into actual business?

    Damien Garot

    Founder, Jansky Partners
  • 10:30

    Considerations for National Security in Cyber and Space

    General Robert Mazzolin

    Chief Cyber Security Strategist, RHEA Group
  • 10:45


  • 10:50

    Round table Space and Sustainability

    Nobu Okada

    Founder & CEO, Astrocale

    Luca Rossettini

    CEO & Founder, D-Orbit

    Luc Piguet

    CEO & Co-founder, Clearspace
  • 11:15

    Fireside chat

    Yue Yuan

    Space Policy Researcher, China Foreign Affairs University

    Markus Payer

    Editor in Chief, SpaceWatch.Global
  • 11:35

    Lunch break

  • Big data & the business of space data

  • 14:00

    Introduction speech

    Michele Franci

    Independent International Space and Telecommunications technology professional
  • 14:05

    Space Ecosystem Development

    Marc Serres

    CEO, Luxembourg Space Agency
  • 14:20

    Building Resilient Supply Chains with EO

    Dr James Crawford

    Founder & CEO, Orbital Insight
  • 14:35

    Space transportation solutions by Exotrail

    David Henri

    CEO, Exotrail
  • 14:50

    Alya and Allies - Space Sector for Sustainable Growth in Brazil

    Aila Raquel

    CEO - Alya Nanosatellites Constellation E.O.
  • 15:05

    Anywaves & the business of space data

    Nicolas Capet

    CEO, Anywaves
  • 15:20

    Space Sector in the Middle East and Investment insights

    Helen Tung

    Founder of NewSpace2060, Head of Space law department at Seven Pillars Law (Kazakhstan)
  • 15:35


    Matt Desch

    CEO, Iridium Communications
  • 15:50

    State of new space sector in China

    Rita Zhang

    VP, FutureSpace
  • 16:05

    The Business of Space Data in China

    Yu Tianhong

    Co-founder & COO, Origin Space
  • 16:20


    Patrick Matgen

    Group Leader, Environmental Research & Innovation, LIST
  • 16:35

    Wrap up and end of the conference

European Security Forum

  • 9:15

    Opening Speech : Ministry's talk

    Franz Fayot

    Luxembourg Minister of the Economy
  • 09:30


    Pascal Steichen

  • 09:45

    Social Engineering - The dangers of a friendly face

    André Meyer

    Security & Cyber Defense Lead Luxembourg, Accenture
  • 10:00

    “How is the cyber threat evolving and are we up to the challenge?”

    Jamie Shea

    Professor of Strategy and Security at University of Exeter & Former Deputy Assistant Secretary General for Emerging Security Challenges at NATO
  • 10:15

    Round table "EU Cybersecurity Act and the implementation of the NIS Directive"

    Dr. Gabriele Lenzini

    Prof. Dr. Gabriele Lenzini, Head of the Interdisciplinary Research group in Sociotechnical Cybersecurity (IRiSC) at SnT, University of Luxembourg

    Sheila Becker

    Head of Network and Information Systems’ Security (NISS), ILR

    Alexandre Dulaunoy

    Security Research, CIRCL

    Konstantinos Moulino

    Information security expert, EU Agency for Cybersecurity - ENISA
  • 10:40


  • 11:00

    Official talks in room 1

  • 12:00

    Lunch Break

  • 14:00

    Bits and peaces: looking ahead

    Stéphane Duguin

    Chief Executive Officer, CyberPeace Institute
  • 14:15

    Digital Continuum and European Cybersecurity Autonomy

    Luigi Rebuffi

    Secretary General and founder, ECSO (European Cyber Security Organisation)
  • 14:30

    2021: On which strategic areas Security and Risk leaders should focus on to remain vigilant

    Cédric Mauny

    Cybersecurity lead, Telindus
  • 14:45

    Round table "Unlocking the public debate on encryption by bringing an innovative approach"

    Jean-Christophe Le Toquin

    Coordinator, Encryption Europe

    Constance Bommelaer de Leusse

    Area Vice President, Institutional Relations, Internet Society

    Pierre Van Wambeke

    Chief Executive Officer, SeeZam

    Annette Cassar

  • 15:15

    Building a global law enforcement response to cybercrime

    Craig Jones

    Director Cybercrime, INTERPOL
  • 15:30

    Cyber-Resilience: a need for a common business continuity and information security approach

    Aline Moyret

    Practice Lead Governance, Risk and Compliance, EBRC
  • 15:45


  • 16:00

    Building Sustainable IoT using the Seven Properties of Highly Secure Devices

    Diana Kelley

    Co-Founder and CTO, SecurityCurve
  • 16:15

    GDPR: lessons learned about its weaponization and the importance of encryption

    Greg Dzsinich

    Executive strategist and attorney-at-law
  • 16:30

    Round table "Luxembourg Think Tank CISO "

    Arnaud Simonin

    Chief Information Security Officer, Dennemeyer

    Laurent Hourlier

    Director of IT Security & ITIL Processes, CHAMP Cargosystems

    Cédric Mauny

    Cybersecurity lead, Telindus

    Myriam Djerouni

    Chief Information Security Officer, Luxith G.I.E

Digital Supply Chain Europe

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