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Workshop by Zoom on July 1st: "Purposeful Innovation with the Zoom Developer Platform"

"Purposeful Innovation with the Zoom Developer Platform" - July 1st at 3:00pm

For many organizations around the world, 2020 was the year that digital transformation accelerated faster than anyone could have expected. As a result, the demand for platforms as a service in industries such as telemedicine, telehealth, and education has increased dramatically. The pandemic may have been a catalyst for the acceleration of digital transformation, but the demand for these platforms will continue to increase even when COVID-19 is under control. In this workshop we will explore how Zoom’s developer platform offers platform integrators and application providers several options to easily integrate Zoom’s video-first unified communications platform to create innovative new solutions.

Location: Workshop room, Luxexpo The Box, Luxembourg

Speaker: Robert Jan Gerrits, Business Development Manager, EMEA ISV Sales, Zoom