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Workshop by Soldo on June 30th: "How businesses can benefit from embedded finance"

"How businesses can benefit from embedded finance" - June 30th at 11:10 am

Most of us use embedded finance every day without even realising it. From ordering coffee via an app to booking a taxi with our phone, embedded finance has completely transformed the consumer payment process. But many businesses are yet to integrate a financial solution into their own infrastructure, even though this comes with many benefits. 

Join us in this workshop where we will discuss the many forms and benefits of embedded finance - especially in a remote-work environment - and explore how Soldo’s spend automation platform uses it to make day-to-day spending easier across the business and eliminate the month-end crunch that ties up so many finance teams.

Location: Workshop room, Luxexpo The Box, Luxembourg


Steve Whiting, Head of Payments Technology, Soldo

Roy Skop, Regional Manager - Europe, Soldo