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Workshop by NTT on June 30th: "Multicloud as a Service – How to simplify the complex"

"Multicloud as a Service – How to simplify the complex" - June 30th at 9:30 am

Multicloud is the deliberate use of multiple IT and or cloud services from different service providers. Most of your clients consume a combination of SaaS, public cloud and private cloud services.  Consuming and operating cloud services across multiple locations, and developing services for the cloud, have become a challenge for our clients.

Clients are moving their consumption from private to public cloud, or private cloud to SaaS. The innovation in SaaS and public cloud is extremely fast, especially in tools and value-add services. Governance (such as FinOps, SecOps, and integration) is becoming more complex as workloads become increasingly multi-cloud. Furthermore, data sovereignty and regulation increase, leading to even more complexity for our clients. This means clients have a challenge to connect and operate their network and security environment across an increasingly distributed digital footprint.

Location: Workshop room, Luxexpo The Box, Luxembourg


Patrice Chéret, Senior Intelligent Infrastructure Director, NTT