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Together for best in tech: PwC Demo Area Programme

PwC Luxembourg is excited to take part, as every year, in the ICT spring conference.

This year, we are happy to share tech insights along with two alliance partners, Microsoft and Dataiku.

Our motto: Together for best in tech

At PwC, our alliance relationships offer a new equation yielding better results. This equation combines powerful technology with implementation that gets it done right— minimising disruption and maximising impact.

Dedicated demos sessions will be held with Microsoft and Dataiku on our booth. 

Join us on booth C2 on 29 & 30 June at a time that suits you and discover what our partnerships can bring to you:

     •  Meet Microsoft and PwC on 29 June morning
          ◦  10am - 10.30am: Open AI and Microsoft 
          ◦  11am - 11.30am: Improve CX journeys with Dynamics 365 Copilot

     •  Meet Dataiku & PwC on 29 June afternoon
          ◦  2.30pm - 3pm: Operationalise and Democratise AI at Scale
          ◦  3.30pm - 4pm: Operationalise and Democratise AI at Scale

     •  Meet Microsoft & PwC on 30 June morning
          ◦  10am - 10.30am:  Supercharge your users with Copilot
          ◦  11am - 11.30am: Improve CX journeys with Dynamics 365 Copilot

Each demo session will last 30 minutes.

Please note the seats are limited and will be available on a first come, first served basis (no upfront registrations).


Meet Microsoft & PwC Luxembourg - Together with Microsoft we will focus on showcasing what Artificial Intelligence can bring to the table for our customers. There will be demo sessions of how Azure OpenAI integrates with the already existing applications that comprise Microsoft’s ecosystem and how to boost productivity using these new features. 

“As part of our strong Global Alliance with PwC, we are delighted to join and collaborate with them at ICT Spring. Our Microsoft experts will be providing a demo and sharing their insights on the latest announcements in AI and Business Applications.” - Cathy Van Mullem, Partner lead GSI and Enterprise, Microsoft

Meet Dataiku & PwC Luxembourg - Together with Dataiku we will explain how to explore the transformative power of AI and advanced analytics. We will highlight how Dataiku empowers organisations to collaborate and build end-to-end data pipelines, enabling data-driven decision-making at scale. Moreover, the presentation will showcase real-world use cases and common success stories, illustrating how we drive business outcomes with Dataiku across industries.

One year ago, PwC Luxembourg announced the signing of an alliance with Dataiku to strengthen its offer to its clients with a solution that brings business and data expertise together with a data platform to empower clients’ teams and deliver AI at scale. Dataiku is one of the leading Data Science & MachineLearning Platforms. PwC Luxembourg is leveraging Dataiku to accompany clients from A to Z in their Data & AI transformation and has a strong business/industry knowledge, which allows the firm to best understand clients’ challenges and define their future AI solutions. PwC Luxembourg has certified experts on Dataiku who are able to support architecture design, solution deployment and AI applications implementation. 
The ICT Spring event will be the occasion to showcase our combined capabilities to ease your business and answer one of your most important current challenges. 

"We're thrilled to partner with PwC Luxembourg at ICT Spring, combining the power of Dataiku's platform with PwC's expertise to maximise the value of our clients’ data transformation. Join us as we present practical use cases and insights, highlighting how our collaboration makes data accessible to all levels within organisations. Together, we're unlocking the true potential of data, enabling informed decision-making across the board." - Sofian Benali, VP Partnership EMEA, Dataiku


See you on 29 and 30 June! 

Patrice Witz, Thierry Kremser, Frederic Chapelle & Koen Maris

Patrice Witz
Technology Partner
PwC Luxembourg