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Luxembourg House of Cybersecurity: Demo Area Programme


29 June 2023

12:45‘Improving NIS2 voluntary information sharing with MISP’ with Jean-Louis Huynen, CIRCL

13:30‘Back to Basic: how to build good & working cybersecurity without 10,000 engineers’ with Mika Lauhde, International Committee of the Red Cross

14:15‘The opportunity of Canada’s ecosystems’ with Gert De Boever, Embassy of Canada to Belgium and Luxembourg

15:00 - ‘How L-DIH operates and service portfolio’ with Joachim Clemens-Stolbrink, Luxinnovation

15:45‘NC3 Observatory Platform: providing essential information to decision-makers’ with Carmelo Dimauro, NC3

16:30‘The opportunity of the CISO of the Year Award’ with Dalia Khader, CISO of the Year 2022, Women Cyber Force


30 June 2023

10:00‘Practical CIRCL tools for end users, collecting threat intel at the source’ with Jean-Louis Huynen, CIRCL

10:45‘Test before invest: involve solution providers’ with Samuel Renault, LIST

11:30‘Discover the Canadian ecosystem’ with Gert De Boever, Embassy of Canada to Belgium and Luxembourg

13:15 - ‘SPAMBEE: report your shady emails’ with Romain Kieffer, NC3

14:00‘CORAL - towards basic-level certification in the scope of the Cybersecurity Act’ with Jean Lancrenon, ILNAS

14:45 - ‘Data Mining, Darknet and Social Network Monitoring - Exploring the Latest Features of the AIL Framework’ with Aurélien Thirion, CIRCL

15:30‘Cybersecurity in manufacturing’ with Dominique Kogue, NC3