FinTech Fight Club

FinTech Fight Club aka the "FFC Luxembourg" is about going against normalcy and the safe little bubble we have become accustomed to living in, and fight to help a greater cause. With your committment and your energy we hope to support and back up awesome local charities.

FinTech Fight Club will take place on May 22nd from 16:00 to 18:00 in the FinTech room of ICT Spring to end at best this major global tech conference.

We have received many applications and after careful review, trying to match different profiles, size and weight we selected 12 people for 6 fights. 

The names of the fighters are:

- Kamel Amroune (Farvest) vs Alex Panican (The LHoFT)
- Bert Boerman ( vs Anthony Martini(The LHoFT)
- Gosia Kramer (The Office) vs Alice Danoy (KPMG Luxembourg)
- Philippe Grother (LBAN) vs Christophe Bianco (Excellium)
- David Foy (Luxinnovation) vs David Furcajg (High Wave Capital)
- Nicolas Sansonnet (PwC Luxembourg) vs Turan Daglayan (Emergent Technology)

Charities selected
As announced, benefits collected in the frame of this side events will be forwarded to two charities:

  • The FFL (Fondation Follereau Luxembourg) is an NGO-D which concentrates its activities on community health and help for children in distress in 9 different countries from the African continent. Your contribution to the association will permit to build a maternity in Benin.
  • L’Ile aux Clowns is an asbl which has for primary objective to bring cheerfulness, joy and smiles to people facing, temporarily or not, hard living conditions. The clowns take action in hospital environments as well as in any other social and health establishment or structure. They are available for both children and seniors.

Contribution to the charities

During the event, get your bracelet(s) and try to win a pair of boxing gloves, a special edition designed for this year’s FinTech Fight Club. (10€/ bracelet)
Moreover and if you wish to benefit from some visibility while contributing to those charities, we invite you to click on the button below. 

You can also decide to simply make a donation and, if it is the case, we invite you to contribute officially on 


#1: The first rule of FinTech Fight Club is, you will do talk about this great side event to your colleagues and collaborators.

#2 One fight at a time: 3 rounds of 3 minutes each

#3: Two people fighting at a time : 
> is hereby designated as the winner the fighter that who punched his opponent as many time as possible on his statutory striking surface. 
> is hereby considered as penalty any strikes or punch from behind, below the belt, or by using the legs to hit the other contender.

#4: 12 selected fighters to receive a special training before taking part in a fight

#5: Have fun and show the best of the financial sector’s skilled and talented people

An event co-organized by Farvest and the LHoFT (Luxembourg House of Financial Technology)