IoT Event with POST

When we look back in a few years, we'll probably see 2020 as a pivotal year in the evolution of the workplace. A year that has changed employees’ behaviors and had long-lasting effects on where and how we work.

For its 3rd edition, on September 15, the IoT Event with POST will be 100% digital and will address a very special theme embedded in the current context: Space Management - Reinventing the workplace.

How to guarantee a safe working environment? How to prevent expensive vacant positions when teleworking becomes widespread? How to rethink the construction of a new building? How can the Internet of Things help optimize spaces to benefit from their full potential?

In attempting to address these new issues, POST will bring together its IoT experts and partners for a virtual conference and roundtable to help you understand the challenges of our times and make your own opinion on the workplace of tomorrow.

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