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Beer Summit

This year’s ICT Spring Exhibition Area will unveil a specific zone dedicated to featuring the best beers of Luxembourg and the greater region. Visitors will be able to visit this area and buy their favourite products while taking some rest in the Beer Garden.

Luxembourg and the greater region abound in talented microbreweries and tasty artisanal beers and it is well-known that Luxembourgers love their beer! The country’s beer brewing tradition goes back to at least the 1300s and, today, this beverage remains a favourite. Recently, craft beers have reached the Luxembourg market, and with this trend a number of small breweries have sprung up to create a host of fine beers for every taste. On the second day, the event will gently come to an end and we will invite the visitors in raising their pint to celebrate the first tasty edition of Beer Summit x ICT Spring!

Where the idea came from?

"The Beer Summit was born after the encounter of a passionate and a special discovery. That is the richness of our brewing heritage and of the profound renewal brought by the phenomenon of micro-breweries in the last couple of years. This is also the biggest paradox as many people do not know about our brew masters’ latest productions. Even though there isn’t an exhaustive guide (yet) to present them, the idea is to be able to bring together these actors in one single area to help them develop relations in a user-friendly environment.
If you’re reading this, then that means you are also fond of beer… Backed by centuries-old tradition, Luxembourg is a country at the heart of this tradition surrounded by neighbouring countries who also share this same passion. That is why we decided to bring together a representative set of brewers to offer them the showcase they deserve.
This can be done in the frame of ICT Spring and could benefit from its international audience. Privileging the friendliness in a unified framework that will allow all beer lovers to get together in a privileged space with a beverage in hand. We hope you can take part in this unique opportunity, where you will be able to meet up with your fellow brewers of Luxembourg & its great region and finally to share and make them discover your brews.
" Arnaud Clément, Chief Beer Officer.

More information, contact team@ictspring.com