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ICT Spring will offer springers the opportunity to attend inspirational, thought leader talks during the 2-day event.

This year’s main theme is ‘Time for Change’ drawing the common thread of the conference programme and the exhibition area will be divided into 4 zones:

The Protector - anticipating potential threats to build a more secure, safe and resilient society. 
The Adventurer - embracing the digital (r)evolution to move towards an automated, cashless yet data-driven economy. 
The Visionary - unleashing the potential of innovation to embrace a more human experience while increasing performance. 
The Advocate - building the world of tomorrow with sustainable technologies, focusing on companies engaged in reducing environmental and ecological risks.


  • Sustainability to drive transformation

In an era of growing climate change and pandemic disruption, people, industries, and society have entered a new reality where sustainability has quickly become the topic on everybody's minds. Businesses are starting to view sustainability as the new frontier of innovation, with technological advances leading to the reshaping of industries. Through innovative technologies and solutions, companies can help speed up the sustainable transition to achieve the ambitious net-zero targets.

  • Money in a digital world

New forms of money and alternative payment systems are emerging. Digital payments have been gaining momentum while the use of cash has been in decline. Digital currency and mobile payments have the potential to change how society thinks about money completely. Will private digital money drive out cash? What role should central banks play in the ongoing digital revolution? How to set a strong regulatory framework to foster a cashless economy?

  • Hunting down cyber threats

The economy and critical infrastructures have become largely dependent on computer networks and information technology solutions.Technology and cooperation will be key elements to face the fast-evolving cybersecurity threats. Cyber attacks have increased exponentially and have become more sophisticated. Getting a comprehensive overview of existing security vulnerabilities is strategic and offers a serious competitive advantage. With quantum computing on the horizon, the entire security chain is at risk including public infrastructures, blockchain-based systems and encrypted data.

  • Digital transformation powered by new technologies

Connectivity, IoT, VMs, cloud-native applications, edge devices are contributing to increase performance while ensuring a smooth and sustainable digital transformation. This breaks down physical barriers, offering seamless integration and creating digital services that improve employees and customers' experience. Make sure to anticipate the key steps for a successful transformation in tomorrow’s economy.

  • Cyber Defence & Quantum Computing

In today's landscape, cyber defence has become a critical aspect of any organization's - from startups to large companies - security strategy, encompassing a set of specific measures designed to prevent cyber threats and protect sensitive data. This process must also consider the rise of quantum computing. As it grows powerful, the threats it poses to digital infrastructures become more significant. It has for instance the potential to tear many of the encryption algorithms that currently protect sensitive information. Hence the importance to evaluate the latest developments in quantum computing and its potential impact on cybersecurity.

  • Web3: a new reality

The whole tech world is talking about the arrival of web3 and this raises the question of how the future of web3 resonates with the future of the internet. It offers a new reality which would be secure, decentralized, democratized and has the power to transform the way we interact with each other in the digital world. The core elements of Web3 are blockchain technology, peer-to-peer payments, Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and Distributed Autonomous Organisations (DAOs). Delve into the new internet, into your future, moving further into a world that blends the physical and digital.

  • Embracing AI

Artificial Intelligence is here to stay. Today’s world changes fast, and organizations need to be agile to keep up. Implementing AI at scale can improve team effectiveness and bolster company culture. Explore how to invest in cutting-edge technologies and algorithms as well as unleashing the potential of automation. Be part of the successful organizations that will have managed to adopt the technological breakthroughs of the era timely. 

  • Healthcare systems through new technologies

As healthcare continues to emphasize patient-centered care, it is no surprise that access & collection of health data is one of the top trends for 2023. However, the fast speed of technologies’ development goes with other important challenges for the sector to address including: data privacy concerns, insurance coverage and supply shortages. Telehealth has the potential to answer long standing health inequities and the ability for major players to find the right value proposition.