VTFinTech strives to provide asset managers and hedge funds with key performance insights on the research bought from third parties. Its revolutionary and award-winning platform Parity One (winner of RegTech Insights - Best MiFID II Research Management Platform, shortlisted in the HFM Hedge Fund Services - Best MiFID II Research Management Platform) tracks the research recommendations and provides objective real-time performance of the research and the accuracy of the recommendations. 

When combined with other evaluation techniques like the broker votes, it creates a robust evaluation framework and helps justify the research costs post-MiFID II. Having the actual performance at hand helps the buy-side to have meaningful discussions with brokers/research providers every quarter. 

Parity One is a first of its kind multi asset research evaluation platform covering equities, fixed income, rates, fx, commodities and macro economic research. It can also readily extract the alpha producing capabilities of research for a holistic quantitative assessment of the research. Its quantitative approach to evaluation makes it possible to model various alternative data based research like the social media sentimemt analysis, AI/ML powered systematic trading signals and sat-nav based commodity price predictions to name a few.

Contacts :

Mr. Vishnu Thurpati, CEO, vishnu@vtfintech.com

Mr. Harsh Dadhich, Director, Marketing, harsh.dadhich@vtfintech.com