Ultrain is a global leading public-chain 3.0 provider, an innovative general-purpose tech-infrastructure aiming to be the decentralized amazon cloud+android. As of April,15, 2019, Ultrain successfully released its main-net and outperformed its peer such as Dfinity and Algorand in realization. Ultrain’s goal is to be the No.1 commercial public-chain globally, not only providing a state of art technology, but also able to construct a real business ecosystem on top, leveraging it’s powerful R&D capabilities and unrivaled top global business resources provided by it’s founding team.  
Ultrain is founded by former Alibaba data security tech-director, former Ant Financial Blockchain unit tech head, and a well-known senior cross-border M&A banker and growth capital and PE investor. its core team also includes former ChromeOS+Alibaba CloudOS lead architect, ant-financial cryptography key scientist, and IBM GBS senior director. It currently hires more than 40 developers from Alibaba, Ant Financials, Google, Huawei, which provides solid execution support for Ultrain’s mission. Ultrain is committed to construct a responsible and sustainable commercial ecosystem that enables a wide-range of verticals, such as supply chain, media/entertainment, retail, healthcare, advertising, new energy and philanthropy. With its important break-through on consensus(RPOS), it’s own user-friendly smart contract and developer framework, and it’s specialized customizable privacy solutions(zkp), Ultrain is providing to the world an easy to use+efficient solution with huge customization flexibility, and an extremely economical price comparing to other available public chain offerings.


Mrs. Emma Liao, Co-founder & CSO, emma@ultrain.io

Mr. Sai (Steven) Zhang, Marketing Director, zhangsai@ultrain.io

Mr. Xiaoguang (Richard) Li, VP, Strategic Development, xiaoguang.li@ultrain.io