Timelinefy is a platform to navigate and explore time. This platform benefits students by helping them organize, visualize and interconnect events and contents. It brings convenience, increased efficiency and better understanding of history. Timelinefy is a new business model that proposes new types of timelines. It has uses in many different fields, for example education. Students have access to a lot of fragmented information, which can be disconnected. They would benefit from seeing this information in a temporal structure to help visualize the context, articulate their relationship and impact their learning. We have good physical maps to show geographic features like mountains. We don't have good time maps. We have created a platform to create and manage new types of timelines which consist of deeper and richer content, with new interface features, these timelines offer an impactful and scalable solution that aim to bring the use of timelines to mainstream. We conceived a business model that organizes and stimulate the whole value chain of a timeline market. Our platform will establish a market place to create, see, buy, sell and exchange timelines. We have a fully functional prototype ready to use. We have a highly qualified team to develop and deliver our project.

Contacts : 

Mr. Rogerio Almeida, CEO - Founder, rogerio@timelinefy.com

Mr. Tiago Sarlo, CoFounder, tiago@startyouup.com.br