Spectee Inc. is a Tokyo-based AI developer that specializes in curating and fact-checking trending social media videos for news media and organizations. 

Founded after the Great East Japan Earthquake, Spectee believes in the power of fast and accurate UGC delivery. With its patented AI technologies and human moderator team, Spectee fact-checks and licenses newsworthy UGC to help clients rise above the noise on social media and stay on top of every story as it breaks.

From international breaking news and weather headlines, to global event updates and viral stories, news organizations from more than 40 countries around the world have been discovering reliable and up-to-date content at Spectee.com. In Japan alone, its AI-Human collaboration solution has been the choice of over 200 media partners and governmental organizations.

Spectee is also in partnership with Associated Press Video Hub, and still expanding its global reach. 

All you need to empower your storytelling is just one click away - Register for free today at Spectee.com.

Contacts :

Mrs. Katarina Fok, Marketing Manager, katrina@spectee.com