Perspicace Intelligence Technology was founded in Sept 28, 2016. It is an AI company that based on scenario application, to provide "AI for Good" to human life. Perspicace is a member of Microsoft Venture Accelerator (Shanghai, Batch 3), and also a strategy partner of Microsoft on both AI & IOT category. The company has developed a non-contact human physical sign and behavior awareness sensor that based on wireless and AI Deep-learning technology, which is the only one for commercial use of the world, and the only one that has reached the implementation of miniaturization and low-cost. Thanks for the 5M+ valid data that AI learned, it's accuracy rate can achieve 99.99% in the  particular scenario. Now, Perspicace is providing this technology to Elder Care, Fire Protection, Hospitality and Security industries worldwide, and looking for more scenarios that need to use a device with privacy, safe, and high accuracy. This technology won the innovation awards on CES Asia 2018.        

Contacts : 

Mr. Ken Yip, CEO,

Mr. Yong Li, CMO,

Mrs. Anita Huang, Market Manager,

Mr. Wilson Ho, Overseas Agency,