Optimum Supply

Optimum Supply is a startup with extensive expertise in decision making for Procurement, offering a software solution (SaaS) and services of education and specialized consulting. Our SaaS solution for supplier selection is innovative and based on a multi-criteria scientific methodology to support the corporate acquisition of products or services. The platform is designed to provide full support for decision making in complex and strategic purchases, that have several influential factors and relevant impact on the consequences. Optimum Supply worked as an integrated solution for strategic sourcing supporting smart decision makings, maximizing value and transparency in your supplier selection with total compliance. 
The solution is dynamic and fully oriented to the customer's needs, also all customers subscribing to the SaaS solution receive annual training to extract the greatest benefit from the system. We also offer an executive training education portfolio for professionals and companies, regarding themes related to decision-making and procurement, taught by specialist instructors from Optimum Supply and partners.
Optimum Supply is based in São Paulo, Brazil.