Business/ Company Introduction
Minds Lab is an AIaaS firm, which provides the latest AI products and services. Our services are offered in two different ways, on-premise and Saas, software as a service. Our strength is that we offer end-to-end services, from core AI technologies to AI consulting. Recently, we promote our AI Voice Bot which supports both calls and chats and turns redundant and repetitive tasks into automatic in the customer service sector. We have been working with the global top tier companies and public institutions in Korea.
Product/ Service
AI Platform, maum. ai: maum.ai represents our new service model- AIaaS. Minds Lab has developed various kinds of AI engines, including STT(Speech to Text), TTS(Text to Speech), MRC(Machine Reading Comprehension), XDC(eXplainable Document Classifier) and so on. Rather than providing each engine as a packaged application, now we provide the AI engine itself as a service. 
Hybrid AI Contact Center: It precisely understands customer speech and provides relevant answers to the question supported by voice generation and hybrid chatbot. It offers you the freedom to choose between bots and agents.
AI English Education: It allows users to practice English regardless of time and place by using our speech recognition algorithm, pronunciation evaluation engine and our most advanced Chatbot.
AI Smart Factory: It changes the whole process of manufaturing by real-time-monitoring, minimizing energy consumption and predicting optimal inspection time. 
Main Technology
* Voice engine 
- STT: Real-time or batch based transcription of speech.
- TTS: easily able to synthesis voice and create users' own voice within 30 minutes.
* Vision engine
- DIARL: document, paper bill and bill recognition for easy finanacial transaction.
* Most recent AI technology feasible with small amount of money (no installation fee) and less time.
*Engines are scalable to service industry, manufactuing, education and many.