Meniga is recognised as a leading global FinTech, focussed on the development and sale of proprietary white label software to financial institutions, enabling them to personalise their digital customer experience and create new revenue streams from data. Our value proposition centers on a mutually beneficial ecosystem of consumers, financial institutions (FI’s) and merchants. We help people become smarter with their finances, help financial institutions reconnect with their customers and merchants focus their marketing where it makes a real and measurable impact. 

Meniga's products and services are split into two main areas (1) Digital Banking Products and (2) Marketing Products. Digital Banking components include (a) Data Consolidation and Enrichment, (b) Personal Finance APIs, (c) Business Finance API's (mostly shared with the Personal Finance API's) and (d) Dialog Engagement Platform. The main foucs of the Digial Banking Products are to personalise a bank's digital channels, so that they become the go-to personal, financial advisory for their customers. The Marketing Products comprise of (a) Transaction Driven Marketing - the ability to offer deep discount, cash-back offers to highly targeted segments that are based on their individual spending habits and (b) Consumer Data Analytics - taking bank's spending pattern data and packaging it for sale to merchants (or supply as a value added service) that provides them with such data as: Demographics, Average Spend, Share of Wallet, shopping location and more. This data is provided in the context of the merchant themselves, a long with the same data being avaialble on their competitors, which is an unprecendented view for merchants.   

Contacts : 

Mr. Ainsley Merchant, Business Development Manager,

Mrs. Isabel Moratiel, Business Development Manager,