In a Nutshell
Glassbox is a Customer Journey Analytics solution, enabling companies to optimize their web and apps experience by automatically capturing and analyzing 100% of customer digital interaction. Clients: Citi Bank, Wells Fargo, JPMC, BofA, ASAA, AXA, AIG, Admiral and more

From the first moment a customer visits your app or website - even before they’ve opened an account, it is essential that they have a great experience. If they have any struggles, you need to know about them as they happen, or they’ll take their business elsewhere. 
Yet, companies struggle to deliver digital customer experiences that exceed customer expectations. Why? Because they are failing to make sense out of the data they collect and they’re struggling to act on the insights they uncover in a timely way. 
In addition, mobile apps marketplaces, are a forum for bad reviews and ratings, turning a single bad experience, into a black flag for thousands other potential users.

Glassbox doesn’t just tell you what a customer is doing. It tells you why. Using deep behavioural analytics, we extend traditional analytics capabilities to give a powerful and instant automatic insights to improve customers’ digital experience and optimize conversions. It reveals patterns and online struggles visitors experienced, helps improve Customer Experience, increase conversions, generate more revenues and ultimately provide digital clarity to your business, all in real time. It automatically captures all the digital interactions from the users and provides instant video replay of their session.

Unique Value Proposition
1) Tag-less analytics, no need to inject tags in order to generate reports 
2) Unique patented compression technology (compresses 95% of data original size), to maximize data storage 
3) Deployment: On-Prem or Cloud, app and web 
4) Session Replay: Our solution records 100% of the app and server activity in order to replay the session 100% accurately. 
5) Mobile focus: special automatic insights for mobile apps       

Contacts : 

Mr. Mathias Frydman, Business Development and Operations,

Mrs. Ella Lozinsky, Director of Sales,