FaceHeart Inc. is an AI company that integrates artificial intelligence, deep learning, and physiological information measurement. FaceHeart provides services to different users, including smart healthcare, smart transportation, fintech, smart security and so on. 

Face recognition combined with physiological information detection can be applied to a variety of fields. Currently, we work to develop the market of smart healthcare for helping users do the self-health management, home care needs, or sports fitness planning in the area of remote healthcare, asthma, OSAS, elder healthcare. Also, we develop the market of smart fintech for providing the service of ATM security control, VIP recognition which can provide the needs instantly and precisely and so on. For the smart transportation market, we aim to reduce fatigue driving, and focus on the market of public transportation, fleet management, and logistics. In addition, smart security and smart retail are the market gaps that we will break through in the future 

For the smart healthcare market, by the technology of computer vision, the system can effectively monitor the status and behavior of users by face detection and recognition, image-based physiological information measurement, behavior recognition, fatigue detection, and painful expression analytics. If the detected status is abnormal, the system will warn the users, medical staff, family in real-time, or send the messages to the authority concerned. What’s more, the elderly do not need to change their living habits, and the system can make 24 hours of health records. This technology can not only be applied to the elderly but also for the baby monitoring care or the care of patients with special diseases (e.g. sleep apnea). Long-term monitoring healthcare provides more reference for medical staff and more peace of mind for parents and children. It can also light another bright lamp for the long-term care road in a nowadays aging society

Through our technology and products, people can instantly learn about physiological information and enable the society, environment, and people to be healthier and safer.

Contacts : 

Mrs. Amy Fang, Deputy Manager, amy.fang@faceheart.com

Mrs. Mischa Chen, Administrator, mischa0409@nctu.edu.tw

Mr. Morris Chung, Co-Founder&Assistant Vice President, ml.chung@faceheart.com