Dunya Habitats

Dunya is a responsible mission-based agritech start-up based in Canada, that delivers a proven commercial-grade year-round sustainable farming solution to help optimize crop production in any climate condition using hydroponic growing and data analytics. 

Dunya Habitat's tinyFARM® is a scalable modular commercial-grade hydroponic system with precision farming software for remote monitoring and data collection to optimize growth. The tinyFARM® can grow a variety of fruits and vegetables year-round, in 4-week cycles and with minimal water, land, and no pesticides.

The first and perhaps the most important differentiation is that while Dunya Habitats is our unique 'tinyFARM®’ product for all, it is part of the greater Dunya Project mission to help decentralize the food system by bringing the power of production into local communities and in the hands of the people that need it most.