CashDirector launched a virtual CFO based on real-time accounting platform integrated with the bank and distributed to SMEs via banks. It enables better scoring at lower risk for banks thanks to visibility of full accounting data and cashflow plan for next 4 weeks. CashDirector help SMEs with a free cashflow management tool and help banks to better serve SMEs making the lending process more automated and less risky which results in more loans for SMEs, and faster access to financing.

PRODUCT: CashDirector application is based on AI accounting robot technology, allowing business transactions & bank operations to be booked in real time. Accessible directly from a user’s online bank account the platform saves time with quick, easy steps to issue invoices, book expenses automatically, make payments or accurately forecast cash flow.

PROBLEM WE SOLVE: According to a US Bank report over 80% of SMB failures are due to poor cash management. And most SMEs struggle to gain access to financing. CashDirector solve this problem, helping SMBs manage cash flow and payments directly from their online bank accounts, thus creating a long-term relationship with the bank and building their loyalty. We also help SMEs access financing by giving the bank a better visibility of the SME financial and accounting situation, not only past transaction, but also the future cashflow plan.

CUSTOMERS: Our target clients are on one hand banks with a large portfolio of SMEs and on the other hand, small business owners who are users of the platform. We address the long tail of the SME market, the blue ocean which is usually underserved financially, cannot afford to hire financial managers or purchase expensive ERP systems.

PORTFOLIO: We have signed agreements with 3 Polish banks (mBank, BNP Paribas and Millennium Bank). Currently 80,000 customers (small business owners) have signed up for using the platform.

Thanks to the integration with our accounting module mBank was awarded in October 2017 the EFMA Golden Medal in the category: New Business Ecosystems for mPower Business Starter, which integrates government, bank and accounting services to create an easy and intuitive user experience, enabling customers to become entrepreneurs. In 2018 together with mBank we have been awarded winner of Celent Model Bank Awarded for “MACCOUNTANT” – the private brand of CashDirector for mBank.

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Mrs. Karolina Wasilek, Analyst,

Mrs. Patrycja Strzelecka, COO,

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