Utilizing the most cutting-edge technology to provide the world's leading blockchain solutions, BlockContinent focuses on the development and innovation of blockchain technology, providing system-level consulting services, solutions of blockchain technology, blockchain startup incubation services and blockchain technology education for talents.  
BlockContinent's solutions cover three important directions: Public Chain, Consortium Chain and Cross-Chain. We have an innovative public chain consensus mechanism: DPoW (Delegated Proof of Work), which innovatively improves other existing consensus algorithms from the perspective of economic principles, and can achieve efficiency while maintaining market competitiveness.
BlockContinent’s founders have rich and extensive experience in blockchain and finance. The team members have educational background at top universities such as Tsinghua University, Peking University, The University of Chicago, Imperial College London, UC Berkeley, MIT, and Virginia Tech, and come from well-known companies such as Goldman Sachs, CICC, HKEx, CDB, China Investment Security, Tencent, Huawei Research Institute, etc.


Mr. Zhijian Liu, Cofounder,

Mr. Michael Yeung, Cofounder·Chief Scientist,

Mr. Zhengfang Wang, Secretary to CEO Office,