The workplace possesses a lot of power as it’s the only place which gathers 100% actives, during an average time of at least 8 hours a day.  When you add to this the transformation of the office building, which becomes the unpreventable exchange place of the consumption of goods and services, you have the inevitable hotspot for every advertiser.
Consumers are more and more unreachable. Indeed, we estimate that more than 20% of them are now equipped with an « Ad-Blocker » which blocks the display of banners on computers and smartphones. With print in decline, especially with the younger audience, reaching an active target group won’t get any easier. The recent arrival of DOOH media straight into the workplace reverses this tedency and creates new opportunities.
BigBang has grabbed this chance and initiated digital advertising within the office space. 
Only 4 other actors propose a similar service, mainly in the US with 1.600 equiped buildings, others in Asia and Australia. In Europe, the 4 year old startup,BIGBANG INTERACTIVE MEDIA serves as pioneer with it’s interactive-service proposition. Digital Channel Network - – is established in Luxembourg, Brussels and Paris with nearly 100 screens.
Brands grasped the need to be present in these strategic and strongly protected sites. They grab the opportunity of this exciting new media, to win lasting customers. What if the « StrategicWorkday » becomes the advertisers missing link to create « omnichannel » campaigns ?
Our strategic network put down roots in the heart of the biggest office buildings and the screens are located in the main areas of the buildings flow. It guarantees the advertisers visibility and an ultra qualitative audience.
The offer goes further with a 360° solution, combining display, interactivity, sampling and street marketing. The media becomes an important data source for the advertiser. Thus, the last campaign for DS Automobiles generated more than 500.000 impressions, 300 qualified leeds and over one hundred registrations to test drive the latest model.
Moving forward, advertisers can reinforce their presence in this strategic site and make the most of the opportunities of the « StrategicWorkday » to lastingly influence the clients thought process.


Ms. Virginie Hubert, Marketing and Communication Advisor,

Mr. Geoffrey Baratto, Marketing Officer,

Mr. Benoît de Moura, Directeur Général,

Website BigBang :

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