3drens is a B2B software solution provider, and we focus on fleet management and data analysis.

We provide a Vehicle Intelligence Platform for commercial vehicle owners, such as logistics, car rental companies and so on, to optimize their operation, and even launch new services.

Our platform helps these companies address the problems they are struggling to collect data from their vehicles. In addition, they don’t have effective tools to analyze and manage their vehicles and data.
Our platform also meets these kinds of requirement and allows customers to easily analyze the data generated by their assets. It helps these companies focus more on their business decisions, costs, and new strategies.

Our customers can be divided into two types, rental/vehicle sharing, and logistics. For rental/vehicle sharing, there are electric scooters, motorcycles, used cars, charter buses, and other companies.
For logistics, we propose a delivery capability matching system to maximize delivery capacity resources.

3drens is the best partner of your mobility services.

Contacts : 

Mr. Jammy Yu, COO, jammy@3drens.com

Mr. Jimmy Hsu, Financial Manager, ycsonic@3drens.com

Mr. Oeo Yu, CEO, oeo@3drens.com