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Telkea Group has 3 companies in Luxembourg.
Founded in 1929, Telkea ICT S.A. is one of the main integrators.
Telkea Telecom S.A. has been acting as an operator since 1998.
Finally, Telkea Soft S.A. (1998) is an application development company.

The 3 Telkea Group companies operate in Luxembourg & the Greater Region, and even internationally, in the following sectors:

• Finance & Insurance
• Health
• Transportation
• Industry, Services & Hospitality
• Public Sector & Institutions

Telkea's experience and expertise apply to the particularities of these sensitive sectors.

A global approach : Whether you are an SME or a large company, our experts have the same vision: to be a reliable partner, supporting you in your projects by providing you with advice and expertise both technologically and operationally.

Our approved training center, Telkea Academy, goes even further in supporting your teams, both in their technical and soft skills needs, whatever the skill level.

Visit our website to find out more about our solutions & services:

• Unified Communications (VoIP, Video, IM, Presence, ...)
• Enterprise Network, Security and Mobility
• Physical & Building Security
• Trading rooms
• Fixed & Mobile Recordings
• Cloud & Hosting (Communication, Security, Compliance, Servers, ...)
• Connectivity & Internet Access
• Datacenter & Colocation
• Web and Application Development
• Consultancy & audit
• Integration & project management
• Managed services
• Cloud