More than 40 years of experience has allowed ORSYS to be considered as the leader in training for digital technology, management, personal development and business professions. Our multi-specialist approach ensures an optimal position to support companies in improving their performance and facilitating their digital transformation.   

Large Training Offer
ORSYS boasts both a large and diverse catalogue, which includes almost 2000 practical courses; seminars and workshops as well as 400 professional training curricula. We are also proud to provide 50 courses providing professional certification, which are accredited by both national and international organizations. These innovative courses integrate the most cutting-edge pedagogical approaches available. Further, we are able to train you in over 40 domains, ranging from digital technology to business management.
Over the past few years, many techniques have been developed to offer training programs anywhere and combining different means, all while taking the availability and the ability of the individual into account. We can blend different training formats such as classroom courses, e-Learning, case studies, workshops, serious games, quiz, tests, etc.

Quality and constant Innovation
Crafted and tailored by expert trainers (1400), ORSYS training programs are both original and unique creations. They are centered around an active pedagogical approach, blending concepts, exercises and case studies. Our programs are not linked to a particular school, therefore ensuring their independence and unique quality.   
ORSYS’ education team is composed of specialists with many years of experience in their respective fields, in charge of quality control, they evaluate all programs and the arrangement of the courses to make sure they meet rigorous requirements. Our team also validates the knowledge, experience and educational skills of the expert trainers.
The validation is a major step for any expert who wishes to work with ORSYS and also for each new course that this trainer will deliver.

We investigate:
> The trainer’s business expertise,
> The trainer’s educational experience,
> The trainer’s operational experience,
> The trainer’s independence,
> The trainer’s behavior, motivation and adaptation to the ORSYS culture.    

We also have developed a strategy we call technology watch, allowing us to forecast and anticipate future needs in a world of digitalization. In order to ensure a successful analysis of future technological needs, our technology watch approach involves a dedicated inter-service watch cell; constant analysis of our customers’ needs and attending major events concerning digital transformation

Close to You    
In a business center close to the heart of Luxembourg, in a modern complex, ORSYS invites you to a training center with optimal conditions for your training. An optimal location, close to numerous highways and public transit, 3 classrooms with equipment, free coffee breaks and meals, Local trainers, free lectures and Web conferences, 2 training consultants at your service.


Mrs. Camille Seguy, General Manager, cseguy@orsys.lu