MIXvoip is a regulated telecom provider with its own Cloud PBX solution and a particularly customer-oriented support. In addition to business telephony, MIXvoip offers flexible solutions of mobile telephony, business internet and IT.

At the beginning of 2018, the group moved abroad to meet the needs of its international customers with the opening of two offices in Belgium and Germany. The company currently has 48 employees around Europe.

Among its 2500 professional clients, MIXvoip includes large companies and SMEs in all sectors of activity. It is also a partner of many public institutions.

Contacts :

Mr. Loïc DIDELOT, CEO, ldidelot@mixvoip.com

Mr. Pascal KNEBLER, CIO, pknebler@mixvoip.com

Mr. Philippe CORGIÉ, Head of Administration & Compliance, pcorgie@mixvoip.com


Website : https://www.mixvoip.com/