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Founded in 2015, Skapánê offers access to the best of AI technology and support your business through powerful AI tools.

Our technology, IPA By Skapánê, enables your organization to:
✓ Automate repetitive business processes that traditionally require human intervention.
✓ Detect any suspicious data.
✓ Transform customer engagement through real-time interactions.

IPA By Skapánê includes:
✓ Covering of an overall process with AI algorithms.
✓ Intelligent Document Processing: quickly retrieve and classify documents. Leverage the analysis to automate business workflows and enterprise processes.
✓ Hybrid AI: combination of machine learning and low-code tools to produce the highest quality results in the automation of your processes.
✓ Alerting: every single data is analysed. Any discrepancy or suspicious information is highlighted to your teams.
✓ Dashboards.

IPA By Skapánê helps you to increase those abilities and instantly impact your business via its AI
technology. Discover the difference it can make for your organization.