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Science DiabetICC Footwear

The Science DiabetICC Footwear project emerges to address the lack of properly fitted and adapted footwear for the clinical condition of diabetic foot. This project proposes the development of a new type of therapeutic footwear with the following distinctive features: new materials for the insole and sole that allow for greater impact absorption, shape adaptability, improved recovery after loading, reduced abrasion, and the ability to reduce the risk of infection associated with ulcers. The project brings together a consortium with complementary capabilities, including ICC - Indústrias e Comércio de Calçado S.A. (Footwear Industries and Commerce Company), the University of Minho (IPC - Institute of Polymers and Composites; 2C2T - Center for Science and Textile Technology; CFUM-UP - Physics Center), and the Nursing School of Coimbra (UICISA: E - Unit for Health Sciences Research: Nursing).