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SCAO has been a provider of IT solutions for the manufacturing industry for over 45 years. With a deep understanding of the dynamics and processes of the manufacturing sector, SCAO specializes in streamlining operations, eliminating critical issues, and improving workflows in factories.
Scao is the largest Innovative SME in Brescia recognized by the MISE, leader in Industry 4.0 and Smart Factory.

Since 1977, Scao has been a trusted technology partner for significant industrial entities in Lombardy and nationwide. Our human resources are our competitive advantage: the quality of our solutions depends 80% on the skills of our people. Our software products are a consequence of this. Our mission is to grow our customers' business, leading them to success through modern and customized software tools. We introduce Lean Production philosophy into companies to eliminate waste and increase competitiveness.


With over 40 years of experience, SCAO stands as a key player in the field of IT solutions for the manufacturing industry. Besides offering IT solutions, our teams actively develop and implement business solutions for our clients and stakeholders.


With our comprehensive suite of Manufacturing Execution System (MES) software, including eMachina, eCertus, eTabula, and eQuadra, we aim to improve all aspects of manufacturing processes. Last year, we undertook numerous initiatives both locally and internationally.

Digitalization: We provide concrete solutions to factory issues, digitizing processes that were previously performed manually. Our solutions allow for the optimization of work processes rather than functions, providing our clients with custom tools for their specific production type.

Improved Workflows: Our products offer information that was previously unattainable without incurring high costs. We work step by step, resolving one problem at a time so that our clients can see immediate results.

Industry 4.0 & Smart Factory: Machine Monitoring, Data Collection, Production Scheduling, and Parameter Management & Telemetry, our MES software provides these services, helping you maintain control over your production processes.
We specialize in providing IT and digital solutions to help companies improve processes, optimize costs, and reduce management issues. We offer a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) support platform to manufacturing companies that want to produce with quality and efficiency, reducing waste and scraps. This platform comprises four indispensable software products:

eMachina: Developed to monitor all industrial machines and production lines in real-time.

eCertus: The heart of the smart factory, it adapts to the client's organizational processes and easily integrates with the ERP.

eQuadra: Application for managing the parameters of machines and industrial plants, ensuring product repeatability with identical characteristics.

eTabula: Advanced production scheduling software that allows for the scheduling of productive activities, respecting the capacity and workload of resources.

Business Intelligence: out Business Intelligence software eDuctor analyzes data from the MES, ERP and other data sources available to the company, and returns reports, statistics and updated graphs on the efficiency of the production lines. It allows to identify any causes of inefficiency, draw conclusions and make short and long-term forecasts.

IT Security: Concerned with the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of your data? We work to ensure the reliability and security of your infrastructure.

Special Recognition: SCAO has been recognized among the big players of entrepreneurship in Brescia, having been awarded the High Honorary Balance. In 2023, during the significant event "Bergamo Brescia Capitals of Culture," nationally recognized, Scao's projects were selected by Confindustria as winners for corporate sustainability.