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My Swiss Keeper

After numerous discussions with lawyers, we came to the conclusion that nothing was providing enough security for the entire digital data portfolio of high net-worth clients. Do they really know where their data is and who has access to it? For the last four years, My Swiss Keeper has constantly been evolving and still is, hand in hand with highly recognized members of the Swiss legal community.

At My Swiss Keeper, our goal is to protect the clients’ most sensitive data, by ensuring them full confidentiality and security on a long-term basis. Always. Everywhere.

My Swiss Keeper is a proud Swiss company, with servers hosted in Switzerland and subject to Swiss law, one of the most protective in the world.

My Swiss Keeper is a user-friendly & lively collaborative tool dedicated to law firms, fiduciaries, family offices & notaries (the “Keepers”) in order to support them in offering the best protection & data storing for their own clients (the “Holders”).