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LuxProvide is a company established as Luxembourg's one-stop-shop HPC Centre, with missions to provide high performance computing capabilities, high-speed connectivity and advanced applications on a national, European and international scale, serving the public and private sector actors. LuxProvide hosts Luxembourg's world-class MeluXina supercomputer, co-owned with the EuroHPC Joint Undertaking and offers tailor-made HPC, HPDA and AI services with the easiest onboarding and highest quality assistance, in a confidential, trusted and cyber-secure environment. 

Luxembourg’s national supercomputer Meluxina has been built to serve a large variety of complex, data-driven computational workloads. Its design is forward-looking, responding to the convergence of simulation, modeling, data analytics and artificial intelligence, and enabling simulation-driven by predictive analytics. As the most powerful of the Petascale systems in the EuroHPC network and one of the fastest supercomputers in Europe, it provides a robust platform for science and industry. 

With 18 PFlops of computing, 21 PB of storage, and HDR 200G interconnect resources, in June 2021, MeluXina has been ranked 37th in Top500 and it is the greenest supercomputer in the EU and 4th greenest in the world.