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IT4Medicine is a Ukrainian group of companies consisting of a group of start-up projects specializing in the development of innovative software and IT services in the medical and information security fields.

What we are doing now:
Using artificial intelligence to help doctors and patients

  • We plan to implement a medical data analysis services to provide recommendations to patients about doctor appointments. This will also include services for providing recommendations to doctors about conducting additional studies or about the need to consult with specialists in a narrow profile. At the moment, we are integrating the ChatGPT system to extract information from patients' medical documents using artificial intelligence, as well as to structure them and facilitate visual analysis.
  • Another important development is a system for visual assessment of skin diseases of patients, which, with the help of artificial intelligence, will be able to determine the risk of developing cancer.
  • Our company is in the process of developing a decentralized Hub of patients records for long-term and reliable storage of their data
  • We are working on creating a unified system for paying for medical services using blockchain technology with the ability to pay with tokens

In the field of information security services, we provide

  • Development, implementation and management of complex information security systems
  • Preparation and support during the certification process for compliance with the requirements of state and international standards
  • Penetration Testing

The main elements of a complex information security system are:
●    Legal framework
●    Information resource management
●    DLP (Data Loss Prevention)
●    MDM (Mobile Device Management)
●    Access control
●    Remote Connection Certification
●    Firewall
●    Device Encryption
●    Document encryption
●    Antivirus protection
●    Anti-spam system
●    Backup

What we have already implemented:

EvoMIS - web-based platform for recording and conducting patients appointments in the clinic
In 2021, we launched the EvoMIS project, a cloud platform based on modern technologies designed to connect medical institutions. Despite the restrictions caused by the pandemic and the war in Ukraine, we were able to connect about 100 medical institutions in Ukraine by subscribing to our platform. We are currently looking for partners to develop and scale the platform in other countries.

LikLik - an aggregator for registering patients for an appointment with a doctor
The LikLik project is an aggregator of appointments for services of medical institutions, regardless of their information systems. We are currently preparing a pilot project for the city of Nikolaev (Ukraine) with a population of 400 thousand people, within which we plan to introduce an online appointment service for a doctor (or for a service) at any medical institution in the city (there are more than 20) using integrations with their information systems via API.

Dicom-HUB - cloud storage and research sharing
Our Dicom-HUB project is successfully operating in a pilot mode in the largest children's clinic in Ukraine, "OKHMATDIT". Currently, the platform is a cloud service that allows you to connect the diagnostic equipment of the clinic, manage applications and patient flows in diagnostic departments, and provide access to the results and descriptions of studies for the clinic staff. We are also preparing the infrastructure for launching a pilot project that will allow us to work with several clinics at the same time. Our goal is to develop the project to a global Hub, which will allow you to connect various diagnostic devices and provide access to these information systems of doctors anywhere in the world.

Medinet - telemedicine platform
The Medinet project was launched as a pilot project in the Odessa region and more than 100 institutions have connected to our platform. This platform works in a doctor-doctor system and allows family doctors to consult with highly qualified clinic specialists without the patient having to visit a specialist in a narrow profile. This is especially important in rural areas where access to specialists is limited. With the help of the Dicom-HUB platform and Medinet, we plan to implement the idea of an autonomous mobile virtual medical center or diagnostic box, where patients can easily undergo various examinations and receive doctor's appointments online.

In the field of information security services 
We have experience of cooperation with such institutions as Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, Ministry of health of Ukraine, Cyber Police Department of the National Police of Ukraine, State Service of Special Communications and Information Protection of Ukraine, etc.
Team members have experience in companies in the oil and gas industry, banks, national communications operators, healthcare field, in developing and publishing software companies, and also have created and implemented state standards.