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InfinityID has developed LOGIC, a frame work that contains a suite of applications to ensure rapid implementation of the most advanced technologies for the monitoring and traceability of products within the production and distribution chains.
Available for desktop and mobile devices Logic has been designed with simple and intuitive interfaces to facilitate the work of operators and ensure an immediate transition to the digital world

InfinityID creates all-inclusive systems with RFID technology, which can be customized according to user specific needs.
The offers include: a cutting-edge software platform; solutions for printing and encoding RFID labels at local or foreign manufacturers; technologically advanced anti-theft devices; antennas for scanning and reading short / long range labels, as well as a very wide range of RFID labels for every type of application. The solutions proposed allow to optimize business management, improving daily organization and operations and speeding up internal processes with significant savings in time and resources. InfinityID SW, "Logic" allows furthermore real time data collection, offering the customer an important tool in terms of BIG DATA ANALISYS and process/production KPI identification.
The use of InfinityID products is highly intuitive and is aimed at an almost unlimited field of application.
Thanks to the use of RFID technology it is possible to have a COMPLETE SUPPLY CHAIN TRACEABILITY through certified processes that guarantee the sustainability of production. Furthermore, by optimizing the warehouse and production processes, the reduction of waste is immediate.

Our sale strategy is mainly based on direct sale, in particular the commercial activity is focused on companies part of the market who are mostly effected by the problems we use to solve with our LOGIC software application.
Sale activity is made of:
- a strong and focused search of contacts, 
- first sale meeting (usually by web call)
- second sale analysis by the customer
- offer and project proposal

As system integrator we also act together with technological partners and in this case, we have a reseller reserved price list.

Our marketing strategy is focused on Google ADS campaigns, Social Media activities, Events and Sector Fairs.

InfinityID systems are shaped on customer environment and requirement: LOGIC Software applications are integrated in customer system, creating a strong connection and dependance that usually lead to commercial binding.
Other Barriers to Entry are the high scalability of the platform and the flexibility of the tailor-made solutions.