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Since 2012, we've been helping our customers optimize the way they manage their fleets.

In the beginning, CargoTrack was focused on real-time GPS monitoring with all the benefits that it includes, such as: monitoring of vehicles, trailers, semi-trailers and industrial machinery, fuel monitoring, driver behavior monitoring, monitoring and management of data from tachograph, security and information solutions as well as customizable modules.

Over time, as a result of analyzing the market and its niches, we have launched additional services such as automated toll payment services and legal and financial advisory services, out of a desire to provide solutions for a wider range of challenges with that our customers face in their daily activities.

CargoTrack telematics solution providers offer a wide range of features in order to help fleet management to optimize their fleet processes. The CargoTrack app has been developed through real-world field testing and customer experience in the field. This is more precisely a monitoring and control platform that allows you to monitor vehicles in real time. You can also constantly check the activity of your fleet and keep under control the costs of drivers, fuel and vehicle repairs.

The platform allows you to check and control all important parameters of your fleet such as location, activity history, fuel consumption and fuel level, working hours, etc. Collector waste management solutions Collector is a CargoTrack solution dedicated to waste management and is based on the "pay as you throw" principle, which refers to the fact that the citizen is charged according to the amount of waste generated and thrown away.

Authorities who are aware of the alarming amount of waste generated from year to year, are looking to implement a solution that makes waste management smarter in cities and beyond.

Collector is a complete hardware and software solution that any smart city needs that allows you to create a traceability of waste and billing according to the principle "pay as you throw". Artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms automate processes by reducing the number of users required to administer the system.

The solution can be adapted according to the particularities of each sanitation company or authority that wants a better control over the waste generated. In other words, Collector is the smart city solution for waste management in the most beneficial way.

The Smart Collector solution is based on the following components:
✓ Bins / containers / bags equipped with RFID identification element
✓ Garbage collection vehicles equipped with hardware capable of reading
RFID identifiers
✓ Customized software platform capable of storing and generating statistics
on the volume of waste generated from the level of citizen to the level of