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Be2net is an innovative start-up, born from the IOBO business network where several companies collaborate to develop digital products and services.

Be2net is the result of the network and, for this reason, its logo recalls its value.
Networking is about sharing knowledge, skills, and contacts. The purpose is to achieve a common goal. Two main projects have been developed within Be2net:
M-apperoÌ: it is in charge of monitoring the road surface;
Around the ground (ATG): it is in charge of production monitoring of the agricultural market.



The road surface monitoring project, which, through its web platform, makes it possible to visualize:

- Road surface conditions (potholes, bumps, depressions, ...)

- Horizontal and vertical signage

- Report near misses

- Survey the road register (poles, carriageway width, road corners, traffic signs, ...)

The project has an application to send geolocalised reports and photographs attached to the platform, which are transmitted to an artificial intelligence algorithm for data analysis.

Around the Ground (ATG)

The smart agriculture project for building models that simulate agricultural reality and facilitate decision-making. It envisages the use of sensors to receive data on soil and environmental conditions which, combined with spatial and satellite maps, make it possible to:

- Visualise meteorological data: leaf wetness, dew point, temperature, and humidity,... - Visualise disease models: vine moth, infections,...

ATG is equipped with a web platform and a mobile application in which the data from the control units and sensors located throughout the territory are fed. This project is feasible for any agricultural company.